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From CPP: What HCA has told feds it’s doing to fix staffing issues at Mission Hospital. Why nurses say it’s not happening.

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From CPP: What HCA has told feds it’s doing to fix staffing issues at Mission Hospital. Why nurses say it’s not happening.

Mission Hospital in Asheville has been facing staffing issues that have raised concerns among nurses and healthcare workers. Despite HCA Healthcare’s attempts to address the problems, nurses claim that the solutions provided are not effectively tackling the underlying problems.


HCA Healthcare, the owner of Mission Hospital, submitted an amended plan of correction to regulators in response to staff shortages. The plan, approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, includes strategies to improve staffing levels at the hospital. However, nurses like Kerri Wilson feel that the management is not fully implementing the proposed changes.

Staffing Challenges

Wilson, a nurse at Mission Hospital, expressed her frustration with the management’s approach to staffing. While the plan includes provisions for staffing based on patient acuity, Wilson believes that the reality on the ground is different. She mentioned that staff are being asked to work extra shifts and go through learning modules to compensate for short staffing.

Management Response

In response to the criticism, an HCA spokesperson stated that the plan of correction was approved by regulators, indicating satisfaction with the hospital’s improvements. However, nurses argue that the changes are placing additional burdens on existing staff members without addressing the root cause of the staffing issues.

Future Implications

If Mission Hospital fails to achieve full compliance with the regulations by a specified date, it may risk losing federal funding. Surveyors will continue to monitor the hospital and assess its progress in meeting the necessary requirements. Nurses hope that the management will take concrete steps to address the staffing challenges and provide adequate support to the healthcare workers.

New Hospital Development

Meanwhile, AdventHealth has announced plans to build a new hospital in Weaverville, Buncombe County, to serve the local community. The development comes amid ongoing discussions about healthcare access and services in the region. The new facility would provide essential medical services and support the growing healthcare needs of the area.


As Mission Hospital works to improve its staffing situation, nurses remain vigilant about the implementation of the proposed changes. The healthcare industry faces ongoing challenges in recruiting and retaining qualified staff, and addressing these issues is crucial to ensuring quality care for patients.

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