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👀 Check out UNC Asheville’s summer programs for high schoolers

Teenagers studying on campus.

👀 Check out UNC Asheville’s summer programs for high schoolers

Asheville – Rising high school 10th-12th graders looking for a unique and engaging summer experience should take note of UNC Asheville’s Pre-College Program. This weeklong summer immersion program is designed to introduce students to college-level study, university life, career options, and industry professionals in a hands-on learning environment.

Immersive and Diverse Program Offerings

The Pre-College Program at UNC Asheville offers a range of dynamic courses to cater to various interests and passions. From robotics and creative writing to pottery, video game design, music composition, and river ecology, students have the opportunity to explore and delve into subjects that inspire them.

Hands-On Learning and University Life Experience

Participants in the program can expect immersive, hands-on learning experiences that extend beyond the traditional classroom setting. The courses incorporate practical projects and activities to enhance understanding and skill development, while also providing insights into potential career paths.

Moreover, students get a glimpse into university life by residing on campus and enjoying meals in the university dining facilities. This unique opportunity allows high schoolers to experience what it’s like to live and learn in a collegiate setting.

Program Details and Application Process

The Pre-College Program is set to run from June 16-21 and June 23-28, offering flexibility for participants to choose the session that best fits their schedule. To explore the available courses and submit an application, interested students can visit the program’s website for more information.

For rising high school students in Asheville and the surrounding areas, the UNC Asheville Pre-College Program presents a fantastic opportunity to expand their knowledge, skills, and experiences during the summer months. With a focus on active learning, creativity, and exploration, this program aims to inspire the next generation of thinkers, innovators, and leaders.

Don’t miss out on this chance to elevate your summer break and embark on a fulfilling educational journey at UNC Asheville. Unlock new possibilities, make lasting connections, and discover your potential in a vibrant and supportive academic community.

Are you ready to dive into a week of discovery, growth, and excitement? Join the Pre-College Program at UNC Asheville and set yourself on a path towards academic achievement and personal enrichment.

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