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Weaverville Makes Progress on Short-Term Rental Regulations

Last week, the Weaverville Planning Board voted 3-to-2 to recommend restrictions on new short-term rentals in the town. The regulations would apply to rentals made through platforms like Airbnb and VRBO. While the Town Council has not set a date for a vote, opponents plan to voice their concerns at the June 24 meeting.


Weaverville officials have been working on addressing housing availability and affordability in light of rapid growth and rising costs in the region. The Land of Sky Regional Council conducted engagement sessions with residents, leading to the development of draft regulations by the Planning Board.

Key Statistics

Data from the Land of Sky Regional Council show that short-term rentals account for about 4% of Weaverville’s housing stock. In Buncombe County overall, short-term rentals represent around 4.5% of the total housing supply. Median home values in Weaverville have surged by 64% from 2017 to 2022, outpacing the national average.

Arguments For and Against

Proponents of the regulations argue that restrictions are necessary to protect affordable housing and maintain neighborhood character. On the other hand, opponents believe that short-term rentals benefit the local economy and that there isn’t sufficient evidence to suggest they negatively impact affordable housing supply.

Next Steps

The draft regulations in Weaverville would limit new short-term rentals to specific districts while grandfathering in existing rentals. The Weaverville Planning Board is addressing concerns raised by its members, including potential legal risks and the need for strong enforcement mechanisms.

Community Response

Chip Craig, chairman of the Short-Term Rental Alliance, has stated that members of the group are mobilizing against the proposed regulations in Weaverville. The Land of Sky Regional Council report emphasizes the larger housing supply issue facing the town and its impact on affordability.

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